Monday, January 30, 2006

frame to weave scraps

I don't usually ask to sell stuff here but I have a special item that needs a good home.

frames to stretch and impale scraps ( like silk ) to weave and embelish them for pillows. I have one pictured here : look in the upper left album, latest two pictures.

this is the first of thirteen frames I will list on ebay, trying to feel around for a use other than my own idea, and thinking that just one person would want them all. Sizes up to king sham size.

I had them made custom, the pins are heavy duty drapery pins cut off ( replaceable ) sunk into hardwoods and dove tailed.

It was fun, I used fuseables ( LOL ) on the back to limit sewing. Lost interest, don't have room. email and I will send listing to you.

Just email me if you have a suggestion who would use this ? Thanks so much !


Dede in Mass said...

Shirley, the frame you linked to looks JUST like the one my grandmother had. She used it to make decorative pillow, um... covers, I guess you'd call them.

Finished product looked like a yarn checkerboard with a pom-pom at every corner.

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

oh gee, this is not good........

we gotta tell people they are useful ( lol ).

yes, I did weave them, and yes, balanced and narrow is one way to weave them.

I did use same silk both directions in big widths and just the change in grain was very pretty.