Thursday, June 29, 2006

Feedback from Summit

Dagmar ( who may attend next year ) is asking for feedback on the graphics I handed out, both the pie chart and the paper doll furniture.

Also, the pet project of the year this year will be reincarnating double on half.

I think it needs to be adapted to todays textiles, which have less elasticity, more shine, less body, or way too much bulk. All these things favor whole chair methods.

I won't succeed in making it the method of choice, it does have limits, but I think people need suggestions how to adapt this to the degree it can be.

Any suggestions, volunteers ? I make a pet project choice then talk about it for a year, I don't know that it has any impact, but it's a way of drawing the 1.5 individuals to the next summit who may have the inclination.


K from WA said...

Who is Dagmar?????

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

Dagmar Cosby is the graphic artist who cleaned up my sketches and put them in the computer to be printed out. She also passed them around her workplace to test how her co~workers would be able to conceptualize the task ( the paperdoll ). Dagmar ( and her co~workers )were an interesting bunch to test on as they illustrate engine parts on certification exams. They all suceeded in assembling the furniture doll quickly. But what I am asking, is did this tickle anyone's imagination to want to pursue measuring ?