Friday, May 27, 2005

while we are discussing double on half, let me remind those who try to read my drivel ( and cannot dig through it ...) that double on half IS the method of choice of large scale custom slipcover production shops.

It has drawbacks, and many sensible people have pointed them out. Pat. R. doesn't trust the symetry, Dede points out the overlock problem, and many people cannot envision taking the pins out ever. They are all correct, and if we didn't seek out better answers, we wouldn't be acheiving anything new.

There are better answers, and as individual people running shops where we do not have to dumb down the sewing, we can have it both ways. We can have the speed and apply problem solving to minimize the drawbacks. These are good summit classes, which can only survive if they are attended....

those who come to Brown method can tell me all their fears and resistance to double on half. July a good month ? anyone have dates to suggest from Brown ?

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