Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It is official, the Next Slipcover Summit in 2006 will be in Phoenix, AZ
June 21-24...

3 days living, eating and breathing Slipcovers. If you have ideas for classes let us know more... Do appreciate previous insight and it is most definitely noted.Jeannie is in charge of collecting information about workshops ideas. e-mail her at

Room rates will be $50 per night and there will be 2 queen beds in each room, so if you want to have a roommate that means only $25 per night.

We are hoping to keep class fees including lunch (we don't want you to starve) between $35 and $45. Airline flies into Phoenix, and Southwest has great flights. Super Shuttle from the airport to the hotel.

Oh Dede are your kids really that bad?

k with SA

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