Sunday, May 22, 2005

What's the telephone tree?
I have a breaktime topic suggestion. Bring photos or examples of "show" pieces. What goodies would you incorporate in one slipcover to show what you can do? I just bought a darling, petite, old wingback with claw feet, and a little curveback loveseat that I'm going to upholster, put in the front of my shop and then the plan is to make a couple of slipcovers with "pizazz" (hmmm, what will that be?) Also a story board with samples of different styles of skirts, different closure methods. I guess this would fall under the heading of "marketing".
Of course "marketing" is always a good topic for general discussion too!
The customers I get that are deciding between upholstery and slipcovers ask, "is it cheaper to slipcover?" That opens up a discussion on how they are 2 completely different treatments for different needs. What is the customer after? I don't allow the comparison. How do others handle this?
Karen do you have your teachers lined up? Maybe there is something specific to them that would come to us. I still would love a "fit like a glove" class from Jeanelle.
Anything related to the actual workshop experience: time management, phone estimates vrs. in person estimates, fabric selection (how to set it up for the customer's convenience and so you don't have to babysit) Samples of purchase orders, work orders in clearly stated terms. Angie's class in Co was wonderful. In a shop with more than one person, how to delegate work from answering the phone to cutting and sewing.
I also understand the need to present some of the same classes each time, but if you could offer something completely fresh (or an advanced version) for those who have come once or twice to the summit, that would be great. Although... I would come just for the inbetween class discussions. I learned more from hanging out and chatting with the creative, dynamic women that come, and I went home buzzed...ready to take on the world!

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