Sunday, May 22, 2005

buzzing is good........where's mine ??

truth be known Shirley ( notice the third person here ) gets a little overwhelmed at these things, too much stimulation. I identify strongly with people who need to calculate how much they can take in at once. What we present is hopefully paced well for everyone.

we can only get teachers not associated with........ the other people.

we are all uniquely qualified to break down problems, we are mostly all mothers and or wives. Same skills, different applications. Kim, can you research your most urgent questions and teach us?

simple is sometimes best. Frenzy is fun to a point, think retreat , touch index fingers to thumbs and go OHM.............. let's have frenzy for lunch.......

I heard that one person who self indentified being merely disatisfied was in fact prone to panic, I feel for them. We are small, caring and supportive of one another I hope never to miss those cues again. Heck, that's me ! It is a plane trip and tiring, and for some a trip from home that's for some ( ME ! ) not altogther comfortable. Retreat is the best we can aim for, maybe small but realy suportive.

to teach anything soundly, we must be able to do it in a sort of neat package. I can package certain things and hand them off to you neatly. It's really well defined long before I get on that plane. Doin' my OHMS....

Kim, I can package the method Janelle uses, but it's contrary to my beliefs. Brown method ( if you read it somewhere below ) hybridizes the various methods and creates a new option for you. If you want, and if enough people concur, I can do brown. It's a day long class if done. Eight people would need to concur?

I must be able to send home a kit with you and a handout, and accomplish this in a given time period without talking too fast. Maybe that's a little limited and specific, but I like to be prepared. I always leave time at the end to accomodate questions.

a telephone tree is a list of questions to quiz callers so that they can better describe the slipcover job to you.

The method that is open wrong side out, cord inserted while pin fitting and raw seams facing you ( Janelle's way ) is in fact the most easy to delegate if cutter is handing off sewing, in it's entirety, to a person at a later time and place. Brown assumes 1/3 of needed sewing already done at time of hand off.

Janelle's way is simply too much bending for me, and I must assume all of you will reach a point perhaps that bending is an issue. I hope you never get to where I am regarding back and knees. Watch me walk, you'll see my concern .

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