Sunday, May 22, 2005

I do like the brown method the way you describe...I posted on the other forum, I'm pdsam. For some reason when I joined that board I used another name, on my upholstery board I'm kimel.
Shirley, I put my furniture on tressels and then if I need to,I step up (on a wooden box about the height of a stair step) rather than bend down. Although in the customer's home you're right, i'ts a lot of bending. People in the midwest seem to like the tight tailored look and pretend it's upholstery, hence, the comparison shopping. (oy!)
As far as an all day class with limited number of students, yes I am interested. It would be great to create along with your instruction. If I drive my van out maybe I could bring a few extra pieces for others to work on, doubt if I could fit 8 chairs unless they were stackable/spoonable. Maybe the hotel would have some chairs to practice on? Thinking out loud here...
I could definitely bring my planning notebooks to show others how I planned out this move to a new shop, decision to hire a helper, by looking at what my overhead is and how many "billable" hours a year I work.

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