Saturday, May 28, 2005

I had underestimated how many locals~beginers could be registered. They would probably prefer saturday. This is for the summit 2006 , not the july 2005 event at my house.

Suggesting perhaps Karen's wing chair class first day half day demo and then my Brown and then Karen's full beginner class saturday. Maybe saturday we could have more than two at once ?

That's out of order but best I can do at the moment. I'd hate to be the person playing with the possibilities to chart for vote: yuk, did I just volunteer ?

Kim, you may have had one class with me ( or more ? ) but since I actually do all eight methods, and many people do more than one, you haven't heard it all.

Brown is new. Brown is my own concoction of the other colr on the chart I did about four months ago. Mix red orange yellow green blue and purple and you get brwon. More confuzed ? WE are exploring the benefits and pitfalls of Brown at my house in july 2005.

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