Monday, May 16, 2005

Hey Shirley... it ain't you, babe. My brain is too full right now (very limited capacity) to absorb too much. I do like the overlap of The Brown Method, though ("What can Brown do for YOU?" - yeah, caffeine deprivation...)

So... some threads mysteriously disappeared from the "Other Place"? Also, my gorgeous ANIMATED gif of Sherlock Holmes smoking a pipe evaporated (but I think that was actually my fault... didn't pay the user fee for the image).

What was the purpose of this post? Um... can't remember, but...

1. Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol* gets out: ink, pine sap, poison ivy (urushiol) oil. [*common ingredient in most hairspray]
2. Ammonia gets out: chocolate, cooking oil.
3. Hydrogen peroxide gets out: blood.
4. Lestoil gets outs: grease.

And when all else fails... soap scum remover/bathroom cleaner will remove crayon [crayon = oil + wax / soap scum = oil + wax], but may bleach surface - TEST FIRST.

All the above personally tested and approved by moi. I have a very dirty family...

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