Tuesday, May 24, 2005

sent Jeannie a new idea this morning that incorporates a bunch of stuff into a day long class. To be taken after you take the double on half class:

advanced sewing of a double on half cutting, marking for speed, disassembling safely, two ways of overlocking the sucka, creating a liner from a double on half cutting, adding a fast skirt, zippers fast and dirty. This is the most important thing I could pass on, how to trust a double on half cutting so that doubt that delays you goes away.

the cutting and marking can be hands on, I cannot say how many sewing machines can be available.

I think it ranks up there with supreme duh moments how important good specific and individual trimming out in your own developing style will be for success at double on half.

Anyone need an additional aspect of double on half ? The method of cutting itself deserves a full day, this would be an additional full day.

At the end of class, we will disassemble our cuttings, throw the pieces up in the air, and then reassemble them. You will be confident. This, I can package.

reading down further I see some stuff to add, marking and sewing in an armpit tape, or excising seam allowance for tighter armpits. While we are trimming, we can do alot of adjustments. Make a list.

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