Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Slipcover Network Forum

All this is so interesting, but if I skip a day a can't figure out what is answers and what is questions. It 's so backwards. Noone else has this problem?

I just slipcovered a deep button tufted barrel (tub) loveseat in white denim.(luckily it had a cushion---but no back tuckins at arms, of course.) Which means I got to play with lining as well. The lady didn't care about ever seeing the leaf green fabric again so I glued, stapled, sewed, and tagged on the linings.

But the cool, though greedy, thing I just did was "create the right circumstances" so that a customer just bought 10 yards of$87/yard fabric from me instead of $24/yd.

(guess I can spend the rest of the afternon blogging! not.)


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