Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dede I bet they looked great, she'll never know how you agonized over the method. I'm a praise junkie too! I was delivering a second piece to a lady and telling my 9 year old to stay in the car because she's not too nice. My daughter kept asking why isn't she nice? Is she mean? Does she torture little girls? (sigh) "Ok" I said, "to be honest, when I delivered the couch last week she would not tell me that she loved it." And she wouldn't! No matter how I tried to wheedle it out of her..."what do you think? is it what you wanted? doesn't it go nice with your carpet now? ARE YOU STILL BREATHING LADY...(grrrrrr)" I took it to mean she HATED it, but since then I've gotten 2 referrals from her. Sure glad I didn't follow my instinct to grab her by the neck and shake...

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