Tuesday, June 21, 2005

rushing here, too much to do in the near term. I will have a slow summer if I stop saying yes now. I am just now doing job I quoted eight weeks ago, windows, 13 of them. Rollease romans and banding. No shortage of work.

Yesterday I was reminded of some stuff ( while I was sewing a slip ) that I mentioned once or twice before.

When customers indicate too me that they want extra large ( loose ) slipcovers and show me with their fingers that they think they want two inches extra everywhere I generally do not do this.

I may leave extra in spots, like perimeter at the bottom of chair, and the inside back some tucks along the top. I create the appearance of big by purposely mis alligning seams a bit. A little twist puts it askew enough to look ill fitted without making it swim on the chair.

We'll see if she likes it. She's the same person who last month wanted half witdh rod pocket panels. It isn't wrong, it's just not what you see done everyday.

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