Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm leaning toward driving, not because I particularly enjoy driving... but it affords a lot more flexibility. Weekends do work better for me, but I can figure something out if it's not the best choice for everyone. July is pretty open right now. Also August.

Ah, pillows... I delivered three (she had less yardage than she realized) and will make two additional if she can find more. She was on the phone when I dropped them off, so no oohing and ahhing (I HATE that - I'm a praise junkie!). I made a straight inverted pleat at each corner - didn't see Shirley's post about the 45 degree angle until AFTER I had started them (which also looks like Chris Watts' example *sigh*).

I'm serious about the dies. I would loooooove any excuse to buy extra sizes. #00 and #0 grommets are especially tasty...

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