Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Your thoughts are exactly how I feel about our industry, and we are the makers of the time.... All of us professionals who do this. I especially like

We support one another with a committment to making slipcovering more an art with all the varieties that can be presented in art. We're not slinging hash ( same old same old ).

We support one another provides for the successsion of the next generation of slipcover makers, and continuity of our art.

We show each other how to best prosper and anchor ourselves, commercially and personally, and to grow leadership within our peer group.

We foster the inclusion of all who demonstrate interest in the occupation, without judgement or fear.

We strive to elevate the product, and master the art of slipcover service. We strive for originality that best suits the taste and lifestyle of the end user, long product life and wear, and to offer the information consumers need to make wise choices.

We teach as a passion. To one another as a peer group, to anyone who would buy or has bought a slipcover, and to all those who promote and sell our unique services.

I have been thinking these thoughts for years....
Thanks so much

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