Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I have tent sickness. At least I found I could sew a quarter of the whole job in one day.

We finallized a plan where I zipped four roof sections together as equal squares, as I could not afford to have the zipper affect the roof drape. If the zipper begins at the center of each side and goes to the center high point, there's no ripple ( none is horizontal, only vertical. )

That meant larger pieces, 5 and 1/2 widths at 25 feet. ( finishes 50 by 50 )Thankfully, prior to this I had put wheels on all my machines. The schmadte ( crap ) stays on the table and I roll the over lock or straight stitch up to it.

Will I be in trouble if the quarter sections are not all the same size ? I used the zipper as a standard. The cloth stretches a bit, the zipper does not. I did not have separating zippers to do this, they are 25 feet long. I cut 6" extra on either end and will put the heads on, on site. At worst, if they are not the same size, I will zip from the center and let the sides be how they are.

The cloth is flame proof. I have a raw throat and thick secretions this morning. Will I do this again ? The guy said he wants a tent made out of " real " fabric ( this is lining ) for next year, for a permanent tent. Who, me ?

The biggest problem I can see is wrinkles. I can't take this anywhere to fold it that I would not be risking getting it dirty, and it's white.

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