Sunday, March 21, 2004

having the time of my life ( not ). Sewing cushions on sunday night.

Banging my head about what to do that's new on slipcovers for the show.

Question: when you'd want to do a invisible zipper on the outside back, and you'd decide where to put it relative to the back corner, would you rather see it as near to the corner as you can get it or perhaps in naturally occuring seam ? What if it's a chair ?

How would you have that zipper intersect the skirt ( or would you ) and how to treat the inside flap of kick pleat if it does intersect ? Velcro the loose flap ?

For suggestions as to how to send or bring samples : others have successfully " slipcovered " boxes to represent furniture, as side tables and trash cans. If you have an ottoman cover to mail I can make the box.

Anyone see any new skirts lately or should I cook up a kooky one ?

To make use of what I have, to make it useful for me here ( with kids ) and to have some theme going on that shows what I like to do most, I have washables to sew.

I have a print, Bloomcraft, black background, white and pink tropical flower on barkcloth that I will steam heavily but not pre-wash.

Picked up a beautiful matlasse when Susan and I met thursday, I want to make something I can use later?? still have not yet decided, maybe a table skirt. I will test wash it, and save pices for the pj party. I am not hearing anything about anyone wanting washing to be the topic. Is another topic more desireable ?

I want to re-find ( forget where I saw it ) bright pink carnation color tussah. Still wish I knew where to get it other than Lady Ann or at retail. Anyone ?

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