Tuesday, March 02, 2004

the professional slipcovers website is my own concept, and a vague one at that. It spends money without creating revenue. I have to yet find a way to make it pay for itself one day, if not today.

Meanwhile, the directory and the network has to fit into the concept like a yin yang thingee. I don't know that there is an "us" that we can call ourselves and with the benefit of a history and good name, to promote " us " if not have the network? I would be trading on the value of Karen's hard work.

When and if you sign on to the slipcover network directory is your choice. If I didn't say this before, it was always my intent to rotate pictures on and off the professional site to keep it fresh and give any one who wants it equal exposure. It's democratic.

I have no problem inferring, if not stating directly, that " we " are the network. I will be using pictures and business cards you send ( whomever sends ) and rewarding that picture sending effort with free exposure. You choose if also to be listed on the directory, and pay the small fee.

I do get an enormous amount of requests off the directory myself. I think it gives me credibility. You choose for yourself, I think it's an advantage. If someone were to see you on my site, then click to the directory link and you not be there, whatever they infer from that, is anyone's guess.

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