Thursday, March 04, 2004

I sent attachment of final draft of first page of website to those I thought would want to see.

If you killed my attachment, or it didn't get there, or you feel neglected, just ask for one.

I kept first page brief. I moved " issues " to the realm of pictures ( before and afters ) so as to keep it positive.

Tell me if you like the " pricing " statement. It's designed to make them ask you individually.

I am going with boxes to separate individual slipcover persons on the " show me what a slipcover can do for me " page. Here, your pictures can illustrate how you deal with an issue, ( problem ) your solution, not ever expressed as a problem, only as an answer. Mine will be washing, and seamless construction for heavy weights. If you only have afters, please send anyway, we need them.

You may write prose for the box. You may elect any detail you do or overlap someone else's ideas, like washing. I do need variety. Again, I need before and afters, you either sitting or working, three sets B and A's at most. Excess pictures ? you may certainly send, for now they will be not attributed, just used as samples on the last page which describes process.

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