Monday, March 15, 2004

Make reservations for 2004 Summit - NOW!

Ft. Collins Best Western University Inn is getting ready to close out the reservation period for the Summit. They are getting calls for that time block, and cannot justify keeping it open for us for much longer - this will be done BEFORE May 1st with NO WARNING!

Karen secured FANTASTIC rates for us! Queen- and King-sized rooms - same price: $70.00 for one; $76.00 for two TOGETHER! (that's right - share a King-sized room for $38.00 a night during an EXTREMELY tight period). If you don't make reservations NOW you will NOT have a room ANYWHERE in town! If you're still not sure if you're going, please make the reservation anyway - you can cancel up to the day before with no penalty.

Ask for Ashley (Assistant Manager): 1-970-484-1984. Have your credit card ready.

She didn't have any information about local campgrounds, but if that's what you're planning... find one QUICK and MAKE A RESERVATION NOW!

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