Friday, February 06, 2004

With the professional slipcover site at this time, I am open to suggestions. What I cannot afford to do is offend.

I want everyone to go there, and no one to be afraid to send customers there.

Like Karen, when I do finally use it to sell, it will be teaching and products that teach, but I have so much on my plate I cannot see me doing that for 2-3 years.

For the time ebing, I want to portray, in pictures, the process of ordering, having cut, and having installed a custom cover. It would make clear a person comes to the house, asks you what you want. Makes suggestions about cleaning the final product, and makes style plans according the customer input.

The installation of the final product is done by the person who comes again, and the benefits are listed and contrasted to the kind you order by mail.

I want to benefit with information the people who sell them, the people who buy them, and the people who sell fabric that could be made into slipcovers. So, for the time being, I am not sure giving out a couple peolple's business info ( including mine ) is compatable with that. One the other hand, they will see you in the picture, and will know it is in fact you.

At some point I will add registration page, which will be password protected. To send a person to the site and not have them see links or say, the slipcover network directory, I may have that page outside of the reach of a person you give that password to. Still working on it.

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