Monday, February 09, 2004

this may sound really strange but the only way to make absolutely certain to get your work in Sew What? is to enter the 2004 slipcover contest. I am, with as many as I can enter. I may have been able to get work in Sew What? through another door before, but this door is supposed to be open to all.

It does support them, and does make them look better informed but it gets you published, and lets you borrow and use the credibilty they have. Don't over look this. I look for every chance I can to get some pictures out there.

Every time I have been published it's been a chance thing, it's not assured, and you take what you can get. I have tripped over some nice luck this way. You have to plan to use the vehicles that present themselves, don't wait 'till the " right " one comes along. Ten years from now, all you'll be saying is you were glad you started looking for chances.

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