Monday, February 16, 2004

maybe a vendor can do that products report ?, ask Joe via Richard.

I got great pictures from Jeannie Hutchens for the process of slipcovering. And Jeannie herself, of course. I can print here ten by eights if anyone sends digital disc, if you want to be shown at the booth in Baltimore April 14th.

For washable fabric samples or samples to be test washed ( or washed stuff that loooked promising but turned out very badly ) mail to me. Email me and get address

Still have beds available ( and transportation ) for Baltimore.

Send pillows or table rounds ( or squares ) and I will set small chairs on tables with it. Send cards whether or not you are coming. Send 8 by tens or discs for me to print up 8 by tens. Designers attend, one from your locality may see your stuff.

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