Saturday, February 21, 2004

I am making cushions for wood frame furniture.
The fabric is a red/cream pin stripe (1/8" wide stripes) with embroidered polka dots, about 1/4" diameter and 1 1/2" apart.
For the most part the polka dots are embroidered squarely.

When I fold the fabric to cut my bias strips, the dot shifts on and off the center of the strip. The dot will not be down the center of the strip. May be near center every 7-10 inches, inconsistent.
If I follow the polka dot down the center of my strip, the angle is only about 30 degrees.
This is complicated by the fact that I will be using 1/2" cording. So the center of the cord will be very visible.

Which way would you cut your strips to cover this 1/2" cord.
True bias or following dots.

I am inclined to follow the dots. But I know the cord is going to give me trouble, even on the true bias. I'm thinking that the 30 degree angle will give me more trouble.

What do you think?


Christine Denise

I say stick with the true bias. I've done scads of similar things, using all kinds of stripes and plaids. I've found its better to stay with any directional strip cut on the true bias. Much better and consistent look.

1/2" cord? Ugh...

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i have ran into problems like this before, my choice would be to follow the dots it's a much cleaner look. try one cushion and see if the chord looks good.if it twists too much then you might want to use a coordinating fabric. other options are to make the chording flat (eliminating the chord) or avoiding it completly and cut the top of cushion and front boxing in one piece.

Upholsters do not use bias when making cushion covers. In fact some isew in the welt cord in the boxing strip band, or in the top and bottom pieces of the cushion.

Sometimes I have had to use straight of grain strips for my welt cord, simply because it would looke better.

The advantage of using bias strips is the give around the corners. Just know that sewing on the straight of the grain does not give you that easy and you will have to have make more clips while sewing into the corners.

One more thing you do not have to have it on the true bias. The fabric will give even if it is not. So do what works fastest, and looks good.

It is the visual effect from a distance that counts.

Let us know what you ended up doing.


Karen with

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