Tuesday, February 03, 2004

narrowed down the purpose of professionalslipcovers.com . I am asking for pictures of you all cutting out slipcovers on furniture and your before and afters. Include a picture of you and a business card to blow up for layout.

The new and limited purpose at this time is anti propaganda. The search engines respond to the key words " custom slipcovers " with 99% ready mades. I will have great fun with this. If you want ( and it's free ) you can play too.

Send also well written objective reasons ( leave words like nasty out ) why to buy true custom and not the elastci arm front kind. Needing also a well written paragrapgh on why a made to measure slipcover can be just as well made as custom, from some one who does them that way. Our contrast is only geared at you know who. Pictures on a disc and whatever needs mailing, meail me first, I will give you web master info, and tell him what to expect.

I have a budget, first come, first serve. I cannot have 900 pages for this.

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