Sunday, February 08, 2004

Karen, what if we charge a range of prices, with exceptions and add ons, can we see a form ? I haven't seen one. I think Tessy tried to send me a form I couldn't open. I actually have never participated except to say I copy Calico Corners local prices because I couldn't reduce it to a simple answer.

Let's say for instance I have a decorator price. That also happens to be my january and august sale price, and my volume price ( for a whole house ). I add or take off for hard fabrics or for duplicates. Which price should I base it on, and how much extra should I comment on ? Poor Denise. Basically, I copy a base price by what the local fabric stores charge, who are all remarkably consistent with one another.

Back to my original question, is there a form we can print to look at ourselves ?

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