Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slipcover Pricing Survey?

Tessy and Dede when will the Slipcover Pricing Survey be distributed to Slipcover Professional to fill out?

Folks are anxious and looking for 2008 price summary already.



Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

I'd be interested in knowing how the results were found, how they are averaged, and how you see the general trend changing of who voluteers to tell us this info.

For instance, who drops out of volunteering info from year to year ? Do we classify the types of sources of price info ?

So we can see how rounded a picture we are seeing, and who's data isn't included as it's not volunteered ?

Do we ferret out prices where it isn't volunteered ? Or is everything included volunteered ?

I am wondering if this year such info isn't more guarded ?

Anonymous said...

We poll those who would like to answer the survey.

Mostly from workrooms who make an sell slipcovers.

Why would the info be guarded?

The workrooms results are only by reported by region of the country, via demographic etc.

It is to all benefits that we tell the truth, and share what we know about our pricing where we live in our part of the country.

Tessy are you out there?

Tally process is done by Tessy's volunteer husband.