Sunday, November 25, 2007

Z-Tex "Timeless Twill"

I just received some new samples from Z-Tex - I requested everything they have that's "8 oz. and heavier." Timeless Twill wasn't among them. Has it been discontinued? Or was it lighter than 8 oz.? Can't remember, but I'm thinking of asking for some lighter samples.

Has anyone ever used 7 oz. fabric?


K from WA said...

By all means... get the samples.

It will be great for all of us to know what is available from them.

Could you do a short article for the next slipcover press?


Dede in Mass said...

I did promise a couple of articles...

I'm still researching button pins; do you recall the other one I suggested?

And survey questions. Yeah, I love the holidays... :p

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

I have not used Z Tex 7 ounce, but I have been happy with 7 ounce in general when that twill is made for the clothing market. I think clothing twill is tighter woven, plus I can choose it in person at the store and get it near what wholesale would be some other places.

So yes 7 ounce can be acceptable, but I'd preper to see if with my own eyes first.

K from WA said...

These folks don't do fabric for the clothing market...

So yes, Dede order some for us to play and see.