Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hi all, Amy here, from Austin. I met some of you in Arizona at the 06 summit.
It was very inspiring and now I am making slips for a living! I have a couple of questions for you all.
I almost always use Karen's method, that class was a real eye opener!
I have a customer who wants 2 sets of covers for each piece I am doing.
How wouyld you guys charge for that? Using Karen's method I would need to basically do each piece
completely seperately, so would I charge double?
My other question is about selling fabric. Austin has a pretty small selection of fabric to choose
from and I think sometimes clients would really like to just order from me. I don't know the
first thing about selling fabric. Comments? Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.



Anonymous said...

Hi Amy

Hope it is warmer there than it is in WA...

2 sets sounds double to me. Some of the pieces you can cut at the same time and if it is the same type of fabric, you can pretty much do it all the same.

You want to give them a break?

You are doing the same labor the only advantage is you know the piece of furniture.

If it is different fabric, there will be a learning curve.

Tell us more...

awalker said...

Well, he has'nt picked the fabric yet, so I am not sure Karen. I originally thought there was no way I could charge him double. Don't ask me why. I still get nervous when quoting a job, I always think people are going to say no, but they never do.

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

I think you did ask what makes you think to offer the break, what presumptions you have, then ask are they true, as you have said already. Then be brave and test the resistance price, have plan B, C to offer if he balks. I think one sample won't be a case to generalize from. Develop the nose for sorting this issue, it comes up all the time. You will sometimes not charge what you could have, we all do. I do offer copy rates, but then I have copied them. Different subject, different skill, different outcome. Do what you know now, build a list for learning new skills as you go.

Anonymous said...

Yes, do you have a price list.?

I like what Shirley wrote...

Do have a plan B if they don't go for the price?

Do you want practice or to be paid?


Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

look at this years offerings for the Summit, copies are possible after taking Bernice's class. Copies are not perfect, copy prices are based on saving time at the expense of it not being just right. We can talk about all the elements of effective pricing, but the most perplexing elemnt is that you take your best guess, bottom line. Know the resistance price, go fish. Then decide how to offer more than one price option.