Friday, May 11, 2007

Velcro under the arms of dining chairs.

So I have a little crisis. I'm slipcovering a dining room arm chair in black and gold chenille. The fabric and hem trim are so gaudy that I decided that velcro would be better than decorative buttons or ties. The problem is that I can't get the velcro to stay gripped tight enough that it doesn't show. I corded the OB seam (which I would have done anyhow) thinking the cord would hide the velcro. It doesn't. You can see almost 1/4" of velcro fuzz that is not sticking tightly to the hooks as it tears itself open.

I've done the same type of slipcover in cotton before (and different velcro) and I didn't perceive a problem, though it might be the difference in tolerating the velcro on cotton, but not on fancy fabric.

Button holes in chenille might not work. Snaps are a possiblity (though time consuming.)

Any other suggestions?



K from WA said...

Ha yes...

Thick velcro will do this...

Question will the male side of the velcro stick to the chenille fabric.

Not sure what type of chenille you are using. Sometimes this works for me and I don't have to use the male and female of the velcro which will lessen the thickness.

Snap tape works great to for situations like this.

Hope this helps


ps... photos would be great to post for us to see

jeannie said...

I tried to post a reply but I guess I didn't hit the right button. Here's the gist of what I said:

I armed myself with snaps, zipper, and heavy duty 2" velcro. The new velcro worked much better. Also I sewed the velcro on the non-corded seam right sides together and then flipped it and top stitched close to the edge. The overlap is now on the non-corded (IB) side instead of towards the back. What ever---it worked.