Saturday, October 20, 2007

Whining about (lack of) pinning speed

Pinning on-site... I'm too d@mn slow!! It takes FOREVER, I HATE IT. I'm so frustrated. I feel like crying. I ended up using a weird combination today of double-on-half and single-on-whole just to get out of there, HOPING I can duplicate the single parts later.

How do Calico Corner contractors pin more than one piece a day? How do they get in and out so fast?

Also, for the first time a finished slipcover with my default zipper (to the skirt welt only, not through) DIDN'T FIT a chair with T-cushion and big puffy back! Very embarrassing, folded it up and promised to make it all better.

Did I mention I feel like crying?


K from WA said...

Dede I am here in Canada and just saw your message.

It all takes practice, practice, practice.

Caolico Corners people have had practice....

Did you take photos?

I can always make suggestions from photos.

What went wrong?


Dede in Mass said...

Karen, the zipper should have gone through the skirt, or something - I will have to rework it. Usually, I stop the zipper at the skirt welt and it has NEVER been a problem. Until now, of course. Ugh.

I am digitally-challenged, so no photos that I can post.

Dede in Mass said...

Thought I'd post a follow-up to previous (whiny) post:

After much reflection... I realize I HATE reinventing the wheel every... single... time. I don't have the decades of experience that lets me look at a problem and say, "Oh, I've seen this several times before - I know exactly how to approach it."

It's slow, and I get distracted easily... And I always seem to choose the most difficult approach possible, which makes me want to tear my hair out. In the end, it works but getting there is incredibly frustrating. And did I mention slow? Yeah, slow.

So... that's it. Many thanks to Karen, and especially to Shirley who started an entire dialog on my behalf on "another forum."


K from WA said...

Thanks Dede for getting back to us. Many of us don't frequent that forum.

I am glad you have been helped. Unfortunately reinventing the wheel happens some without experience.


ps... I am glad you are out there working at it.

Dede in Mass said...

I have "some experience" - that's why it's so frustrating (although I'll have a lot more experience when this job is done). *bleah*

K from WA said...

The more experience the faster you will become