Thursday, January 13, 2005

Organic fabrics...... are grown here in the USA. These are not treated with chemicals. Wow it is amazing what they use on non-organic cotton. Organic cotton is pesticide free, and no chemicals have been added when weaving the cloth.

Hemp is usually organically grown, but it is not allowed in the USA. I did read the other day something about it being grown in Kentucky however, so I am not sure about that. Most of it does come from other countries. I have been doing more research regarding hemp fabric. But did find www.hemptraders in LA who has it available to us at a good price. Meaning we can make some money if we sell it to consumers for slipcovers. They will give us a great price at 500 yrd pricing, but we don't have to buy 500 yards. You can get samples from them to see what they have. I liked what I saw.

Linen too is woven organic, and there can be a mix just like hemp/linen, or cotton/linen.................

Green is a word that is being used lightly..... Organically green is the real tamale. But it all depends on what someone wants in their home or what we want to work with.

K with SA

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