Monday, January 17, 2005

New site looks good, I like the title.

Color system ( three days old ) was the byproduct of discussing some uncomfortable feelings expressed by persons advocating one system of cutting over another.

I always knew there was a chance people would infer more into a methods list format than was intended, so I made it a circle. No start, no end, no beginners, no advanced.

Instead of a list that I try to describe by naming people, it's a circle with six wedges. Color them so we can talk about them , yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green.

The colors were assigned as: Karen's green, Pat's, Janelle's and Alicia's yellow, double on half orange, single on half and muslin pinning red, from an old slipcover is purple, and all methods ( measuring and chalking a muslin ) which come from observations not cutting on the piece, they are blue.

This I hope actually leaves room for more to develop, you can say you do Green~blue for instance.

I decided the occaison maybe also called for expressing my own hopes that people share stories, anectotes about their own paths, there's no history in a circle, the wealth and value is in each persons path and story. I hope people tell some. No circle or graph replaces this.

What is nice ( I hope ) is now methods can be talked about more freely on various websites, discussing when and where they are taught, even if privately when someone expresses an interest. The colors may help neutralize some hurt feelings.

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