Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the details don't matter much, the lesson will.

I hope to be able to challenge people to look beyond the method they are already comfortable with to imagine how they can make their lives easier without making them feel bad they don't already know it.

I push the list to suggest this, and some are not open to the way it's said ( by me apparently ) .

I hope the good part ( what's available to learn ) can be the message remembered and not the imperfect means by which the news is spread around.

I read maybe too much into complaints ( elsewhere ) that appear to say " say nothing more ". I'll ignore the possible pissy interpretations of that and just say, this is too important to chance appearing to be biased or personality driven. The information is worth more than my ego, throw eggs, heck, just read the information.

Hopefully, the colors will remove some objections. The message is that we offer to tell you what makes slipcovers a great career and one that you won't regret investing time and energy in learning. Available slipcover learning experiences are not all that common, so I won't hesitate to say again, it's right here.

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