Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hi Gang!
I've been lurking around the blog for a while w/o being able to get on. K sent me the link & hopefully I'll be able to get me together. Am somewhat moved to southern Cal. Where did I get all this stuff? Most is for my workroom. Have been thinking about getting a retail space only to keep all the fuz out of the house.

About the thread thing, usually you have to buy SO MUCH & it usually is a minimum of $5000 & boxes of each color. when I get thread from Atlanta Thread, I usually get 4 for serger & 2 for reg machine, usual box is 10 or 12 so we could split the box of each color.

I will go down into the fabric/fashion area in LA & see what i can find there. It might be about the same price as becoming a dealer. I use dual duty poly core with cotton wrap. Does anyone else use that?

Cheers! Happy Solstice & New Year!

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