Sunday, January 02, 2005

hot dang ! I wanna come ! Actually I am pretty broke, bought drapery tabling equipment. You should never have shown me that I had a tacker.

My new years resolutions: begin making more repetitive draperies and limit myself to fun slipcovers. I spoiled my enthusiasm about slipcovers by allowing them to become too repetitive. Somethings must be repetitive to delegate work. My slipcovers are too much like my quilting and knitting, with slipcovers I feel like I sell my children. Draperies are distant relatives' stepchildren to me, who cares ?

Question: having cleaned up my basement and organized my supllies, does anyone out there still use 0/3 or should I donate this huge box to a shelter ? I have metal zips as well that I will never again use.

Newbies, I will ship to you ! Free ! I hate to give them to a shelter where they perhaps cannot use them.

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