Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slipcover Design Contestant E

I used the pinning method for all my slipcover fabrication. This allows me to work on site, and the client does not have to live without their furniture. Cutting each side to size on site, then pinning each pleat in place in order to have each section fit properly achieved this look.

While in the workroom, I sewed each section together as usual. Because of the fabric thickness, I did not use welt. Once everything was sewn together, I then covered buttons and placed them in line with the pleats to allow the pleats to be open but tacked together. The bottom was banded and then tacked together again at each pleat to again allow the pleats to stay in place but yet open between the button and the band.

It is unfortunately, but I did this job several years ago, and I am unable to identify the fabric or banding used.

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