Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slipcover Design Contestant C

The camel back sofa was a challenge. My clients wanted a slipcover for their sofa using their own fabric – 100% polyester indoor/outdoor fabric. They wanted their slipcover tight fitting – to look like it’s been upholstered. The problem area was the extreme curved back, concaved front arms, and of course working with slightly stiff fabric. To avoid puckering on the hump of the sofa, I brought the outside back up higher to meet the inside back avoiding the upholster line. With a lot of pinning, clipping, redoing a couple of times, I finally got the fabric to lay flat on the curve. For the front arms, I pressed a firm adhesive interface (washable) onto the back of the arm pieces. This works great. The interface is stiff enough to hold the fabric arm pieces in place. No puckers or twisting of the fabric.

Also, the stiff skirt was also challenging. My clients wanted a spaced boxed pleat skirt with 3” pleats and 2” wide spaces. What was challenging was to have the pleats look the same visually because mathematically the pleats and spaces never added up equally on all sides of the furniture. I worked each section of the furniture one piece at a time. With a little here and a little more there, I finally worked it out. Finally, I used a ¼” welt for all my slipcovers, but I found the ¼” looked bulky on the camel back. Instead I used a 1/8” welt, and it seemed to blend in nicely with the furniture, especially when using welt to separate the inside back pieces. My clients are thrilled with the end results.

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