Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slipcover Design Contestant B

My client hired me to slipcover their 4 modern dining room chairs using Robert Allen’s Blue Paisley in an upholstered weight. The customer had already purchased her fabric prior to hiring me. To save on fabric we decided to use a small coordinating braid instead of making self piping. The challenge for me was sewing the tiny braid with only a ¼” flange onto the fabric. The braid is very stiff to work with. It took hours to go over each curve especially around the small areas of the front and back arms. I had to sew over top of the braid because the ¼” flange onto the fabric would slip out as I was sewing. I broke several needles on this job.

Also, the chairs are very delicate and the fabric very bulky. I did a lot of trimming and clipping to get the fabric to lay flat especially around the small tuck-ins of the chair. The end results are 4 beautiful dining room chairs. Outlining the chairs with the small coordinating braid looks lovely with the paisley fabric. The braid pulls the colors out of the fabric.

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