Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Terratex Interface Fabrics

"Terratex® is a registered trademark of Interface Fabrics Group and designates fabrics that are made from 100% recycled or compostable material using increasingly sustainable manufacturing practices to produce a high quality product that is recyclable at the end of its useful life."

Sustainable, minimal-impact, environmentally conscious, eco-responsibe interior fabric.

In other words... recycled (and recyclable).

Is this one of the companies Jeannie highlighted? Or did I just volunteer to write an article? :D


Claudia in AZ said...

Dede, Silver State, reps the terratex. I have there new book of recycled polly, great colors.

K in WA said...

That is good to know Claudia...

But yes Dede.... sounds like another article is possible.

How all this stuff gets recycled would be fantastic to share with others.

Dede in Mass said...

Claudia - thanks for the link! I see they carry the Joe Ruggiero Sunbrella line, which I hadn't been able to find. (Now I need to find a high-end customer to buy it!) :)

Karen - I agree that the recycling process would be very interesting. I'll see how much I can find out about it. (I don't mind writing articles, but need help coming up with ideas.)