Saturday, September 10, 2005

lining slipcovers...either married to the cover, independednt and between furniture and cover, or attached to furniture....

sure..............I'd like people to tell me what they tried and didn't like.

additionally, what do you say to yourself when looking at a situation that you jus' know the fabric isn't going to hide what's going on ? What's the self talk you do in planning ?


K from WA said...

Shirley when you say isn't going to hide what is going on what do you mean?

If there is color bleeding through I recommend and undergarment be made first.

If there is tufting I recommend and undergarment be made first.

As with the ottoman, I advised the customer the ottoman would not be smooth when I put on the undergarment, but there would be no indentation from the holes.

Is that what you are wondering?

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

yeah, " what's going on " could be color, texture, bumps, weirdnesses.

still getting the outline together, wondering what I can breeze over and what needs to be covered extensively.