Tuesday, September 06, 2005

not yet ( brown ) , but the extra time gave me time to think about using glue.

I am still tinkering with how to do it under pressure ( six students, three chairs, six hours ). So, glue sounds really appealing to me~

I am beginning to think I need to know the chairs prior to arriving at the summit. They can ( and should ) be three different models, but perhaps they should be Claudia's childs furniture.

most important thing to me originally was stepping beyond pinning RS out on the whole chair, fitting while incorporating cord. Those two common beginning methods I felt needed a bridge over to double on half. Yes, this is then a hybrid.

I like to think Brown ( hybrid, maybe RAINBOW ! ) has even more uses than just serving as a stepping stone between beginners methods and double on half. I never know where ideas come to me from, no doubt seen or heard and then the original source forgotten.

Any ideas on using glue more often in slipcovers ? My nagging thought has been protecting the chair, and then not glueing pins in so they don't come out ever.

As ever, still thinkin'.

Now I wish I had given you an article on lining, we can do that for winter.

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