Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Photo

Just got this photo from Kathy Ritter in upstate NY. How would anyone handle this arm? Tricky??????


Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

wow, a vertical arm pit.......underwear that's stuffed, just like you did on the tuffet, Karen.

Slipcovers are always closer to a tarp than they are to a paint job....

Barbie said...

Hi Girls,
This looks o so much like, believe it or not, a staircase banister i did for lady for Christmas last year. On the top round part i made a "pie" with a button in the middle. From the outer pie edges downward i made a gathered band and then down the post (front arm panel in this case) i made two gussets. Instead of using tie closures i used vintage wooden buttons made very much like cuff links inserted through two button holes.
Was alot of detail work but sure turned out cute.