Wednesday, July 13, 2005

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Help Us Raise Money
Simple Recycling

We need funds for more folks to attend the Slipcover Summit in Arizona in June of 2006. and to pay for booth expenses at the International Window Fashion Expo in Florida the end of March 2006. Instead of raising cost to be on the Slipcover Directory or to keep asking for donations, we have come up with an easy fundraising solution.

1)Do you use ink in your inkjet or laser printer? What do you do with the empty cartridges????

2)Do you have old cellphones sitting in a drawer in your house or office?

Simple Recycling is willing to pay us to recycle our ink cartridges and cells phones. All you have to do is save your recycling products and when you get 3 or 4 send them to me at 8118 Skipley Ave, Snohomish Wa 98290.

When we have enough I will turn them into the company and they will pay us for RECYCLING.
It is that easy. Please send me an email at or call 800-267-4958 to let me know you will be participating.

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