Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I will help you recycle your as yet unwashed all~cottons, when they are unbleached natural in color and tightly woven. I will pay you for your postage ( only ) , and donate $3.oo a yard to Karen, if this is okay with you, Karen ? Donations to be applied to all the many PR costs associated with the website, summits, booths, flyers, transporation etc.

I will set aside a budget of $500 for this, first come first serve, dig'um out.

I need at least ten yards per type, fairly continuous yardage, enough for a chair. Maybe twelve yards minimum if in more pieces. No canvas or twills, sorry, as I am SO saturated with that already.

This may wind up in the samples made for the next show or summit, so if you were curious as to what could be done with it, now's the time to find out. I will likely wash it untill it shrivels like a prune and then bleach it high white. This is really recycling, this is a much prettier product than the raw materials.

Karen, I'll edit this is you don't want to do this............ let me know.

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