Monday, July 11, 2005

now is the time to tell me, while I am writing up class descriptions for summit 2006, what you would like to see included in undergarments.

I would suggest ideally ( if I had the time ):

the full range of fabrics used

how layers seams, cords, zippers are treated when you line direct

when to go separate with your " lining ", sewing VS stapling, complete VS incomplete coverage

undergarments when used to add padding, applying it, tools, materials, techniques.

That's way too much for two hours, so if you can point me in the direction you need to go, let me know here soon.

Brown will be on the saturday after this class, so we can incorporate your remaining questions in the process of covering the chair you bring for Brown. For Brown: bring the ugliest, most difficult to slipcover chair that you own, but for this first time, please bring cotton fabric. The old rote saying applies here well: light color, pattered, textured, having body and dull surface ( opposite of : dark plain smooth limp glossy ).

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