Friday, July 10, 2009

learning new things

Having some fun today, remembering old jobs while I get new photos to update my website. Downloaded Picasa, trying to assemble folders ( for the first time ) and add descriptions to pictures. Have lots of new jobs going on, and a better camera to make them look good.

My hips are done and working perfectly again, can I brag that I feel 45 ? Does that sound right ? ( Ha ). Looking forward to challenging work and being as busy as I can be. Two years idle was quite enough !
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Marie said...

I am new to this and haven't yet made my first slipcover. Seems some here are vetrans! Has anyone ever heard of a technique where you make a pattern from fusible interfacing to the exact dimentions of the chair / sofa pieces you need, then fuse them to the slipcover fabric, cut out with appropriate seam allowance and sew all together. I've heard of this method, but never in detail or in a book. I'm really looking for the novice approach!