Friday, July 10, 2009

Judit and I ...

...have been busy inventing and documenting strange cushions. Mouse over the post title, this is a link to the Cushion How To Blog which this week features a photo series instructions for the cushion pictured at left.

This pair of cushions made from scratch replaces attached backs on a rounded back sofa. Judit and I have been making photo instructional series of this and other peculiar cushions.

Invitations to Cushion How To blog available for the asking This is a continuing series, free to all who wish to visit.

I would enjoy teaching those things I have learned most recently at the Summit next year. This weeks featured cushion, the segmented and hinged cushion more reliably stands tall with the assistance of some hidden pellon bucram.

So much easier of course to cover a loose cushion than an attached back when slipcovering, but once we pulled the existing cushion out of the attached back upholstery casing it refused to stand tall and bend as required.

Look for zippers in your attached cushions, just pull the cushion out and cover it separately...that usually works without this fancy solution. This solution was about bending into the curve of the rounded back.

Using up scrap foam and playing with strange ideas for cushions which solve unusual problems, many of those are bendables. More exciting Cushion How To photos series to come !

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Angie said...

That is one big cushion!

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

42 by 25, by 8". YEP !

If the sofa had not been created with only two back cushions ( and two seats of course ) the height would have probably not crumpled.