Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Making copies

the only ways I have discovered that work for me are :

making a double on half cutting with the real fabric, trimming the seams down to the intended seam allowance, complete with all the signals you give yourself. Take out the pins, and make another ( or make 12, or 200 ).

or: making a single on half fitting, out of the real cloth or muslin, trim, use signals, and then make not only your duplicates but the second half of the first cutting, if you used decor fabric to fit with.

these are reasonable strategies if you have certain insurance.

leave plenty of skirt hem, to individualize copies if need be.

Triple check your assumptions that matching furniture is alike enough to do this, then use the largest one. Only differences within certain tolerances merit using absolute copies ** read below.

Use cotton fabric, soak and dry ( if that can be done safely ) to increase elasticity. Think how elastic works in your clothes, same here.

Never assume a pattern or an original cutting can be used to copy to a less elastic fabric than the one fitted, never. It will likely be too small, unless you leave big seams, and even then, it's likely not good. Only copy to the same fabric, or to a more elastic one.

If your copies turn out too large, this is easier to fix than if they come out too small, obviously. *** you may copy your duplicates with a larger seam allowance and then try one each to individualize, this is possible with enough patience and perhaps more trips.

Copies can be better than if fitted one by one from a couple perspectives. Yes, the fit won't be as good. But, the seams will all be in the same places, as will be the motif. If the cord stands out and the pattern placement stands out loudy as well, then copies can be very good.

Double on half will be offered at the next Summit, and this is where all copy strategies begin, double on half.

Once you do it you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

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Angie said...

Shirley, I use single on half for duplicates quite a lot. Tomorrow I will be starting another one.

I do make sure and use a cotton fabric and to wash it. So far, I've not had any problem with this method.