Friday, January 11, 2008

Little old ladies and their ridiculous rates

Just got off the phone with a potential customer. She moved a Queen Anne chair into another room, and the "eggplant slipcover she had made "just a few months ago" doesn't match anymore. It's "very clever, with Velcro on it so it doesn't move - can you imagine doing all that at her age?"

A "nice old lady" made it, you see. For (get this) $70.

I think I'm gonna be sick... No, really - this is making me physically ill.


Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

this does happen, and you know, who knows what the whole story is ?

But when I hear stuff like parsons chairs for $11 each, I have to shrug that off.

There's no way to put that in contemporary and normal everyday context.

Anonymous said...

It isn't worth your time....

Not even thinking about it.

A good story.


Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

ask the client for her name, tell her that you'd be happy to find out more about her. Say you'd love to ask her special secrets. You know, I have met honest people ( otherwise honest people ) who use wistful or wishful thinking when they remember how long ago some price was, or how long they had to wait to get it, or that they are calling you because the other person has been deceased for ten years.